My Friends

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Here are sites I like.

Maybe they're run by people I know.

Maybe I just like them.

I suppose it's more of a collection of cool sites rather than a bunch of friends.

You could say that if they weren't my friends yet, I would want them to be.

bowlingartworks2 John Patten turns old wood bowling lanes into furniture. Check out his site and you will see just how cool some of this stuff is. He also makes wall signs, plaques, coat racks, keychains, shelves...........all very cool bowling stuff. Be sure to turn up your speakers a bit too when you go to his site because after you click around there's sound effects of balls rolling and crashing bowling pins.
MapleXO - Lindsay Holmes THIS is a picture of skateboards. Lindsay Holmes cuts them up and makes jewelry out of them.  You really should check out her site, because it's cool, and so is her jewelry.  I found her online a long time ago, and called her, and sent her a couple things.  When I was just starting out making jewelry from bowling balls, she really inspired me.  I felt like my idea to slice up bowling balls wasn't so weird after all.
truebowleradjustments Gary Oatis wrote a book for bowlers about how to bowl. If you should happen to be a bowler, and you don't know about his book, buy his book! This guy has gotten a lot of praise from pillars of the bowling community worldwide, and for good reason!
rr_venice3 Some people think they're artists, and some people just want to be. This web site (and all the rest of them linked to it) is made by a guy who really knows his stuff. In all my years of using the Internet I have NEVER come across anything remotely like this. This is web site art online. Spend at least 20 minutes clicking around on this sites. You will not be disappointed. Mind-blowing!