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I get a lot of emails from folks all over the country asking if I could use their bowling ball to make jewelry.  Most of the time folks have old balls laying around someplace and would like to do something better with it than throwing it "away."  It's possible I can use it!  But I think it would save us both some time if you'd please read through the following first:

  • Is your ball swirly with two or three colors?  If so, I can probably use it.  Unfortunately I can't use black balls.........most folks think they just don't make interesting jewelry.
  • I need to see your ball.  Take a picture of it and upload it using the form below. 
  • Consider your location.  Sending a bowling ball through the mail to my zip (45387) could cost up to $30 to send.  If you're in the Midwest, it will be less, but it's possible I pick it up at your place.

After you've completed the form below with an attachment image of your bowling ball(s), wait for me to get back to you.  THANK YOU!

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