Terms and Conditions and Policies and Privacy

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Preferences not promises

I make jewelry from recycled bowling balls. This means that, for example, the "red one" I used in the photo of the bracelet you like......it's probably all sliced up and gone now. Maybe I have some of the color left. Maybe I have a similar red one. Maybe only part of the red ball I used in the bracelet you like looks that way, and the rest of the red ball I used looks some other way. So, when you order online at this web site, you need to understand that you can have preferences for color, and I will not promise you'll get the exact thing you prefer. Of course, if your preference is green and you get black, well, I screwed up and I'll work that out for you. But if you ask for blue and you don't like the color blue you received, or the way the blue looks or swirls (or doesn't swirl), or it's not the blue you thought it would be, it will have to be enough to simply feel good you received something wonderful all on its own; in spite of it not being what you thought wonderful would be.

Terms of Service

You'll order, and I'll ship, and we'll all be happy with our Matt Cole Jewelry made from Recycled Bowling Balls.


I'm somewhat private.  Even if you're not, I will assume that you are more private than me, and I won't collect any data about you and give or sell it to someone who might have a use for it.